Bilkins Inc is an established IT Professional Services and Solutions firm. At Bilkins Inc we strive to help our customers solve their most pressing business challenges. We take immense pride in driving the industry standards forward, focusing on innovation, integrity, and teamwork. We provide solutions and services serving various functional areas needed to support your applications. As a company we are always looking for ways to improve ourselves as individuals and as a whole entity.

We believe in building relationships and strong communication with our clients is key to forging a successful partnership. We use our job market knowledge to help you develop the right staffing strategy to source top talent to your organization. We closely follow employment trends and maneuver our recruiting strategies as needed to find the right fit for your requirement.

Our team of certified engineers work closely with the client to understand their business goals and provide an unbiased assessment of Information Systems, SAN, Cloud storage, middleware administration, AWS, Cloud computing and DEVOPS solutions. We architect and design technical solutions and provide ongoing support.Checkout the Flyer


IT Staffing Solutions

At Bilkins Inc we have an excellent team of highly skilled recruiters to analyze your staffing needs and provide your organization with highly skilled and exceptionally talented IT professionals as per your requirement. One can understand the whole recruiting process can be cumbersome at times, we’re changing all that. Our simple mantra is we believe in a bona-fide work-life balance. Staffing is a people business and recruiting is about relationships with people and we strictly adhere to these principles.


Bilkins Inc also provides consulting services. We have a team of certified Software Developers, Systems Administrators, Testers, DBAs, Devops engineers and Project managers who are totally equipped and capable of tackling the most complex and challenging projects.

IT Training

Whether you are thinking of re-entering for a new career or enhancing your current skills, Bilkins has over 15 years experience in providing IT Training and delivering education that will provide you with the highest quality training.


Course Content
Background of Blue Prism, How Blue Prism works, Essentials and setup for the Blue Prism, Basic actions in Blue Prism, Draw flow chart and diagrams, Inputs and Outputs, Data Items and Visibility

Course Content
What is python, Why python, why not other languages, The python console, Python in linux and windows, Simple operations, Strings, String operations, Simple input and output,Introduction

Course Content
Bitcoin vs Blockchain, Distributed ledger, Enterprise Blockchain, Blockchain use cases, When to use the Blockchain in enterprises, Future of Blockchain, Bitcoin, Ethereum and Hyperledger

Course Content
WHO WE ARE, Make a change to each and every professional by exposing them to future courses and enhancing their skills with certifications, WHAT WE DO?,Statistics

Course Content
Data science Course (Including Machine Learning), Introduction, Data science overview, Need for data science, Data science jobs, Machine Learning and Data science, Statistical methods

Course Content
Identity Access, Management (IAM), Basics of IAM, Groups, Users, Roles,Policies,MFA, Lab :How to use IAM , Active Directory Federation, Web Identity Federation, IAM Summary,VPC

Course Content
Linux OS and Shell Scripting – 10 hours, Maven – 3 hours, Artifactory- 1 hour, GIT – 2 hours, Bitbucket – 1hour, Jenkins – 3 hours, Chef – 3 hours, Docker – 3 hours Linux OS Basics and Shell Scripting

Course Content
Why .Net and What is .Net,.Net Framework, C#.Net- Programming constructs, Object Oriented programming concepts, Implementing Polymorphism, Architecture Applications

Course Content
What is Data warehousing?, Characteristics of Data warehouse, Principles of Data warehouse, Benefits of DWH, Commonly used terms in Data Warehousing

Course Content
Chapter: 1 & 2 – • Core Concept Overview • Business Objects • Basic Navigation • Landing Pages • Related Action Menus • Search .Review: From Hadoop MapReduce to Spark

Course Content
Reports Formatting, Advanced Authoring, Parameterized Reports, Sub Reports, Drill Down Reports, Linked Reports In SSRS, Filters in SSRS, Actions In SSRS, Reports Formatting

Course Content
Introduction – Why and what is business analysis?, Career path compared to other technologies, Know-how of business analysis, Designations and Future opportunities

Course Content
Need for Software worldwide, Today’s software market, Embedded control applications, Some of the history’s worst Software Bugs, Software is a skin that surrounds our civilization

Course Content
Basics-oops concepts A simple java program-compilation and execution, Class, Object-definition and creation, Primitive data types, Operators, Typecasting-necessity and usage


New Employee Forms and Instructions

Welcome to Bilkins Inc. We are excited to have you on board. Please complete all the forms listed in the new employee startup kit and submit completed forms to the HR Coordinator ( hr@Bilkinsinc.com)

New employee startup kit:

  • Personal information form
  • Fill out I-9, Employment Eligibility Verification form
  • Complete Employee’s Withholding Allowance Certificate (W-4) form.
  • Complete Direct Deposit Authorization form to enable automatic payroll deposit setup.
  • Choose your health care plan and complete the form.



We work with various companies and vendors directly to find a right fit opportunity that perfectly suits your profile. Finding a job itself requires a large chunk of your time. Our recruiters are trained in professional recruiting techniques and with their expertise and knowledge of the job market we can bring to you the right opportunities to choose from here.

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